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Rules - Extreme Arenacross Nationals
  1. No membership required.
  2. Cash Only, no checks accepted, no exceptions.
  3. No refunds on pre-entries, no day of refunds once the first practice has started.
  4. Entry fee includes admission and pit pass for rider only. All others must purchase pit pass on the day of the show.
  5. All Classes are run each night and are scored separately. Plaques/Awards are given each night.
  6. Use the date of each race for age cut-off on all age classes. Bring proof of age just in case it is needed.
  7. 250F classes include the 125 two strokes, a 250 two stroke can only run 450F class. A 250F CAN NOW run in the 450F class, amateur or pro.
  8. All ATV's must have a working pull away or helix type kill switch. They will be checked.
  9. ATV's must have large, clear number plates on the front and back of the bike.
  10. All motorcycles must have large, clear number plates on both sides and front.
  11. Junior bikes can be ran in either 4-6 or 7-9 classes depending on age. All senior bikes must run in 7-9 class regardless of age. All PW bikes must be within production cc limits. Junior bikes must have stock production components.
  12. All 50 and 65cc bikes must be production cc and OEM tire sizes. No big bores or big wheels allowed, except in 50/65 Open classes.
  13. Beginner class normally means you have been riding 6 months or less. No triples or catapults for beginners.
  14. No late practice, one practice per class. We will not be responsible for locating riders for the event.
  15. Protest of age or rider ability must have proof from local tracks score sheets or print outs.
  16. Flagging is done in sections. Amateurs - No doubling or passing in yellow sections. If you do jump under yellow it is up to the officials to dock you a spot or worse if deemed intentional or dangerous.  DON'T JUMP UNDER YELLOW - THIS IS FOR THE RIDER'S SAFETY.  White flag is courtesy flag only, may or may not be waved. Checkered flag is finish of race regardless of laps. Red flag stops race and race is started over. Blue/Yellow flag is for lapped riders to move over out of the way - Pro Classes only. Pro riders do race and jump under yellow, pro riders do not jump or pass under red cross flag.
  17. Riders must ride heat race to qualify for main, no exceptions.
  18. Gate pick is drawn at gate for heats. Your heat finish will determine your main gate pick order.
  19. All riders in all classes must wear helmet, goggles and motorcycle boots.
  20. Track officials reserve the right to make all final decisions.
  21. We suggest using a smokeless oil. Excessive smoking will get you disqualified.
  22. It takes at least six bikes to make a class. If any class has less than six entries or less than six able to make it to the main, the class will be cancelled and refunds given. This rule does not apply if the officials can safely combine the class with another class and run them together but score them separately.
  23. You must ride the same bike in your heat and main. No riders will be allowed to ride in a main if they miss their heat.
  24. Not everyone makes it to the main. The number of gates on the line determines how many will ride in the main. For 2016 we will make sure all 50's and 65's age group classes are included in the night show. The 50 & 65 Open classes will qualify and the number of gates will dictate the number that will qualify
  25. Mini ATV class is split into two groups. Ages 4-7 is 110cc limit and ages 8-14 is 150cc limit. If your bike is between 100-150cc and you are under age 14, you will ride in the older group even if you are 4-7.There is also a Mini ATV Outlaw class now (Age 4-14, 150cc maximum, 2nd class for most riders).
  26. Pit Bike class can run 10-12 inch rear with 10-14 inch front, no cc limit.
  27. Freestyle or Jump-Off contest is for the Pro riders and freestyle specialists only.
  28. The 150cc four strokes and big wheels can now run in all 80cc classes. The 105cc two stroke KTM can run Schoolboy or 250 classes.
  29. ATV beginner cannot run ATV amateur too.
  30. Beginner Outlaw is for any 250f or 450f beginner as a second class.
  31. Open Outlaw is for any 250f or 450f Novice or Intermediate rider.
  32. Pit Bike Exhibition:  Open to any sort of pit bike (moped, 50cc three wheeler, etc.).  No practice, no heat, just one 2 lap feature right before intermission during the night show.  Anyone with a pit pass can run in it, don’t be late.