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Demolition Deby

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The next Demo Derby and Figure 8 race is Thursday August 5, 2021 during the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, MO.  For ticket and show info click here.


FREE Entry fee if you call and reserve yourself a spot by July 28 - 417-887-9400.  $30 Entry fee if you wait until after July 26.


Show starts at 6:30 pm so be there by 5 pm to get entered and get through tech.

For the General Derby rules click here.

For the Figure 8 Mini/Compact rules click here.

For Stock (Bolt & Chain) Derby rules click here.

For Combine Derby rules click here.


Guaranteed payout for each class in Springfield, Missouri on August 6, 2020:

Stock Derby Class - 1st - $1250, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $400, 4th - $250, 5th - $100 plus some awesome trophies to the top 3.


Combine Derby Class - 1st - $1250, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $400, 4th - $250, 5th - $100 plus some awesome trophies to the top 3.

Mini/Compact Figure 8 Class - 1st - $1000, 2nd - $600, 3rd - $300, 4th - $200, 5th - $100 plus some awesome trophies to the top 3.








General Demolition Derby Rules

1. If your car does not pass inspection or driver is unwilling to modify car to pass inspection, you will not run in the derby -- No Refunds Allowed!!!
2. No driver under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to drive.
3. Drivers must be 18 years old and have a valid driver's license.
4. Driver must wear a seatbelt and full face helmet along with eye protection.
5. All drivers must attend the Drivers Meeting prior to the derby.
6. There is $300 protest fee and you must be a driver to protest.  Only drivers from the feature may protest another car.  Drivers must have cash in hand following the feature. All cars are subject to post race inspection.
7. All cars must be through inspection by 6:00pm.
8. Driver must have a fire coat or non-flammable jacket to wear during event.
9. DO NOT hit the driver's door! Sometimes this happens, but if it looks intentional or due to carelessness, you will be disqualified.  Don't use your door as a shield, it may cause you to get disqualified.

10. No hot rodding in the pits, keep it at an idle.

11. Any open door or fire will cause disqualification.
12. No alcohol in the pits, if anyone is caught with alcohol, they will be disqualified, this includes the crew.
13. Any controversies will be taken up at the drivers meeting.
14. Any questions, give us a call.  If it doesn't say you can do it, don't do it.  Call first!
15. Judges decisions are FINAL!

If you have tech questions call Bobby Arms at 918-533-2417


Mini/Compact Figure 8 Rules

Preparation of Cars
1. All plastic, chrome, fiberglass, metals, and glass must be removed before reaching the fairgrounds.  Vacuum inside of doors.  Loose glass found and you will not be allowed to run.
2. Concrete, metal plated, wood, foam and pins in frame will be considered added metal and not allowed.
3. No hearses, ambulances, trucks, jeeps, convertibles, and carryalls will be allowed.
4. No motor larger than V-6.
5. 108" wheelbase maximum

Welding Exceptions
1. All door seams, trunk seams and wagon gate seams may be welded with 4" strap.
2. No added material Inside of car with the exception of dash bars, roll bar.
3. 1 pipe not to exceed 3" diameter in place of dash, and 1 pipe not to exceed 3" in diameter behind driver's seat no further than 6" behind seat.  You can connect  dash and seat bar with door bars.  Making a 4 point cage nothing more.  Halo bars are permitted and can be welded to the floor of car.  Gas tank protectors are allowed, can be welded to rear seat bar only.  Cannot be welded to rear sheet metal.
4. Driver's Door must be braced not exceeding 6" front or back of door.  You will not be allowed to run without door brace.
5. Station Wagon decking must be removed.

1. Bumpers are interchangeable and can be welded solid to frame.
2. Can use any brackets on any bumper and can be welded.
3. Loaded bumpers are allowed must be stock appearing.


1. You may have 6 hood bolts or chains.  Not larger than 3/4".  Core support bolts may go through frame only.

2. You may have 4 trunk bolts not larger than 3/4" and only two may go through frame on the top side only.

1. Fenders may be trimmed and bolted with bolts.  25 bolts max per car.
2. Rear quarters can be trimmed, rolled, and welded.
3. All window seams may be rolled and welded.

1. Truck lid may be tucked inside trunk.
2. You can have a semi V on the trunk also no full wedge cars.
3. Hood must open for Inspection.
4. Gas tanks must be in the rear seat area must be bolted or chained.
5. Transmission Coolers are allowed in the rear seat area.
6. Body mounts may be changed with 3/4" max and go through the top layer only.  Must have 2" space between body and frame.
7. Radiator must be in stock position.  A/C cores allowed in front of radiators.
8. No leaf spring conversions allowed.
9. No Flat stacks allowed.  Leaf springs must have factory arch and stagger.
10. You can have 4 loops of #9 wire per window.
11. Tires no larger than 16" allowed.  No tractor tires allowed.
12. Pre run cars can have a total of 24" of 1/4" plate per frame rail.
13. Pre run cars may patch any sheet metal that is torn or ripped loose.
14. A-arms may be welded.  Trailing Arms may be altered, Tie rods may be reinforced.
15. Rear ends can be changed to passenger car 1/2 ton or less with 5 lugs only.
16. Distributor Protector is allowed.  They cannot be welded to firewall.
17. If you do not run DP you can have 2 kickers running 6" behind A-arms to firewall.
18. No frame repair on fresh cars.
19. Frame seams may be welded front to back without any add filler.
20. 80's and newer can tilt and reweld.  No added Material.
21. You may patch any rust with sheet metal only.

Any questions call first.
Bobby Arms - 918-533-2417


Stock (Bolt & Chain) Rules

Car Preparation

1.            All cars must be stock, unless modification is stated below.

2.            All glass, plastic, chrome and interior must be removed before arriving at derby.

3.            Station wagons must remove decking.

4.            Tires no bigger than 15", no split rims, and no studded tires.  Foam or doubled tires are allowed.  Valve stem protectors ok.

5.            Radiator must be stock in stock location.

6.            All  cars must have working brakes.

7.            Gas tanks must be metal and mounted in back seat area with bolts or chains.

8.            Transmission Coolers allowed must be mounted in back seat area.

9.            Battery  must be mounted in passenger seat area in floorboard.

10.          Must have number painted on front doors.

11.          Any American make sedan or station wagon can be run.  No 1973 or older Imperials or Imperial subframes, 4x4, ambulances, hearses, trucks, limousines, etc.

Car Building

1.            No welding will be allowed on any part of body or frame unless stated.

2.            Doors may be welded 5" on,  5" off.

3.            Driver's door can be welded solid.

4.            Driver's door must be braced no further than 6" front or back of door.

5.            All cars must have at least a rear seat bar in order to run.

6.            Dash bars are allowed nothing larger than 3" in diameter.

7.            Cars may have a 4 point cage.

8.            Halo bars are allowed must be welded or bolted to rear seat bar only.

9.            Any automotive bumper and bracket on car.  Can be welded to frame no added metal.

10.          You can have 2 spots of chain or wire from core support to bumper.

11.          Hoods must have 12" hole cut for fire protection.

12.          You can have up to 6 hood bolts.  Not larger than 3/4".

13.          Core support bolts can go through frame only.

14.          Trunk lids can be tucked.  You can have 2 trunk bolts not larger than 3/4" and can go through top side of frame only.

15.          Trunk may have additional 8 bolts sheet metal to sheet metal only.  Nothing larger than 3/8".  You weld 5" on, 5" off on trunk lid,

16.          5x5 washers max on all thread bolts.

17.          Body mounts can be replaced with 3/4" max. No adding extra bolts.

18.          Suspension must be stock.  Leaf springs must be stock, no conversions.  No adding springs, you can chain rear springs with one loop of chain.

19.          Control arms must be stock and not reinforced.

20.          Can use any passenger rear end.

21.          Can use any drive train in any car.  Motor mounts can be welded.  No excess metal.

22.          No rear end braces.

23.          Front A-arms must be stock, no bolting, wiring, or chaining down.

24.          Tie rods, ball joints must be stock.  Aftermarket columns are fine.

25.          Fenders may be trimmed for clearance.  Can have 12 3/8" bolts.

26.          Must have windshield bar or chain.

27.          You may run chain from rail to frame rail behind rear end.

28.          No distributor protectors or tranny protectors allowed.

29.          Gas tank protectors are allowed must have 1" gap in sheet metal to protector.

30.          You may run 2 loops of number 9 wire in 2 spots.

31.          You may repair rusted metal with sheet metal only.

32.          Pre run cars may have 4 patch plates per frame rail.  Must have visible damage.  Not larger than 4x4 (this will be strictly enforced).

33.          You can run any automotive bumper on the car.  Bumpers can be reinforced inside of bumper.

34.          You can weld bumper and brackets to frame.  You may run a piece of 3/8 plate for brackets no longer than 14" and no wider than 4".

35.          Judges decisions are FINAL.


Any questions, call before you build.

Bobby Arms


Combine Derby Rules



3.  Maximum horsepower 150HP.

4.  Combine Reinforcement - Reinforcing  iron is limited to ten pieces, any length, located anywhere on the combine except in restricted areas.  Iron replacement can be any iron:  angle, channel, or flat, as is limited to a maximum gauge of 2: x 2: 1/4".  Iron spears or external iron used for aggressive action is prohibited.

5.  No concrete in the platform auger.

6.  No well casing can be used as a stiffener.

7.  Rub bars may be place around the radiator or variable speed drives, but not the rear axle parts.

8.  If a combine has suffered a broken piece (i.e. a tie-rod or axle) it can be repaired with iron to support the break.  The added iron does not fall into the 10 piece limit, as long as the reinforcement is the same width as the broken piece.

9.  Only two braces are allowed:  one on each side of the header inside the front wheel.

10.  Rear axle can be shortened, not braces between rear axle and frame.  No bracing allowed around rear wheels.

11.  One 1" angle iron allowed on steering arm.  (Does not include bracing to keep headers at the required 16-20 inch height.)

12.  Any number on iron pieces can be used for hydraulic stops for safety or any driver protection supports.

13.  Straw Walker Housing must be cut off at back of rear crank.  14.  Maximum header width is 18 feet.


15.  ALL GLASS AND LIGHTS MUST BE REMOVED.  (Do not break glass with hammer, remove it clean.)

16.  A protective cage must be built to protect driver, possible several bars in the front and side of the driver.  DRIVER MUST BE ABLE TO SEE BEHIND HIM/HER.

17.  Grain tank extension must be removed.

18.  Grain platform only (No corn heads).  All reel and cutting edge parts must be removed.

19.  All batteries must be secured in a box for protection from debris.

20.  Fuel tanks must be secured in grain tank with caps that do not allow spillage for fuel should the combine tip over.  (Vent could be used for "breather".)  Maximum of 10 gallons in tank.

21.  Water only in the radiators.

22.  Calcium Chloride - Calcium Chloride must be removed from the machine's tires since it is considered an environmental hazard.


Any questions, call before you build.

Bobby Arms